To create structures, to arouse emotions and to convey feelings. That is what I love about art!

Art adds color into our lifes. It improves the vibe and atmosphere of rooms and gives them a character. The structure, depths and power of colors - only an original radiates this. Once you've fallen in love with an original painting, you won't want to go back to a print.

Art is a snapshot of the artists feelings and emotions, captured in the moment it was painted. The even more fascinating thing about an piece of art is the interpretation of the one, who decides to own it. Whatever you see in that artwork, will stay. A lifetime.

Hi! My name is Tanja Noll. Born 1990 in the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany. Since my early childhood i love art. Detached from any artistic norm but completely free and whatever I feel or comes to my mind.                                      
Acrylic on high quality Canvas. Usually a lot of layers. Sometimes with additional materials. Positive, gently, abstract or dramatic.

One day, one of my closest friends gave me the name 'TJ'. From that point on I started signing my artwork with this nickname. 
If you like what you see. Give me a sign!